The Pros and Cons of Quick Weaves

A quick weave is one of the most versatile and fastest hairstyles at an affordable price. And with the wealth of quality hair extensions available, you can look like a different woman every few weeks! Though these styles are great, they do come with some drawbacks. Therefore, we'll give all of the pros and cons, advise how to install and remove them, plus list some of the best quick weave hairstyles you absolutely must try!

What is a Quick Weave?

A quick weave is a protective style for your natural hair. Similar to a sew-in, it is a method of attaching tracks (sections) of hair extensions to your natural hair using bonding glue. You can attach each track of hair extension directly to your natural hair, or you can attach them to a protective wig cap and bond the cap to your natural hair and head (the latter is highly recommended to not damage your natural hair.) Most women choose the wig cap as it makes wearing and removing your quick weave much more manageable.

History of Quick Weaves

The quick weave was invented by Christina Jenkins in 1951. She also invented the sew-in and patented the weaving technique most stylists still use today. Before she invented the quick weave, pinning your wig to your hair was the only way women could wear it without it falling off. Now with Jenkin’s quick weave, women could be secure in the knowledge that their wig would not go sliding or slipping or falling off and more women began to wear them regularly.

Pros and Cons of Quick Weave

The quick weave has lots of benefits, and it’s not surprising that regardless of the cons it's still one of the most popular styles in the hair salon.


  • Unlike a lot of other popular styles today, it is pretty cheap whether you’re doing it at home or in the salon. Unlike sew-ins or braided styles, the quick weave generally requires less work for the hairstylist meaning the price stays fairly low. The average price for a quick weave is between $60-$150, which compared to the average price of braids or a sew-in (anywhere from $250-$500 depending on the hair extensions and the style) makes quick weaves one of the cheapest protective styles you can get.
  • If you’ve had a protective style done on your hair before, you know that depending on your style you could be sitting in the chair for a LONG time. The average stylist alone can take up four hours on a sew-in, and I know I’ve sat in the chair for at least six hours for braided styles. The quick weave is perfect if you need a style done in a short amount of time, or for a trip or event. A quick weave style usually takes between one and a half to two hours and can be done with nothing more than bonding glue, a wig cap, hair extensions, and a blow dryer.
  • It’s a lot easier to install and remove a quick weave than it is almost any other style because of the protective wig cap. It's also significantly less maintenance. All that a quick weave need is to be wrapped up at night while you sleep, and potentially some edge control in the mornings.
  • If you remove your quick weave carefully, you can actually reuse some of the bundles of hair you used to create the style and save yourself even more money.
  • Since a quick weave style uses glue to attach the hair extensions, there is a lot less pulling and tugging of your natural hair and it creates little to no tension on your hairline or scalp, which is healthier than other tight styles.


  • Quickweaves only last 4-5 weeks.

How to Install and Remove Your Quick Weave

The first thing you should know about installing a quick weave is that it’s always better (if you can afford it) to have a trained stylist install it than to do it yourself - unless you’ve had a lot of practice. If you choose to install yourself, here's a great guide. While anyone can install a quick weave on their own, to lower the risk of damaging your natural hair or your extensions, seeing a stylist you trust is best.

To install your quick weave, braid or plait your natural hair or slick it back with strong-hold gel. It does not need to be braided tightly. Next, you’ll put on your wig cap to protect your hair from the bonding glue. Finally, you’ll cut and apply a track of hair extension to your wig cap and blow or air dry it until it’s fully dry.

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Best Quick Weave Hairstyles

Quick weave hairstyles

Some of the most popular haircuts and quick weave styles can be worn as a quick weave. Since you can choose the hair you use ahead of time, you can really wear any style you like! The most popular choice by far is the bob hairstyle, which has many variations and can be worn in any color. Here are a few more recommended hairstyles:

  • Short straight bob quick weave, especially with color. This look is so popular and looks good on every woman.
  • Short curly bob quick weave, perfect if you want some curl and definition in a protective style.
  • Bob with a shaved side quick weave, this style brings a bit of edge to the bob is perfect if you have a more alternative look.
  • Half up, half down quick weave, this style is perfect for events or to class up your look for every day.

Essentially, every woman can get a quick weave, and it's a fast and affordable protective style that is perfect for the winter or summer months when your natural hair might need a break. Remember to always see a trained stylist if you can, or practice your quick weave before you experiment with your own hair. You can get a quick weave in a variety of different styles and colors, which makes it perfect for a woman who likes to switch up her look. Unlike the sew-in or braids, quick weaves put less stress on your natural hair and scalp, so they can be used to take a break from braids or other tighter styles. If you haven’t yet, see if the quick weave will work for you!

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