5 Best Quick Weave Styles You Must Try

Looking for inspiration for the best quick weave styles for the new year, new you? Check out the top recommendations from our pro stylists. We transform goddesses at our upscale hair salon and know from expertise the best hairstyles for 2022 and beyond. A quick weave offers so much versatility, it helps protect your natural hair, plus it is more affordable in comparison to a sew-in weave. Here are our top picks, price range, and booking info if you want to be slayed to the gods!

5 Best Quick Weave Styles for 2022

Now that bundles have become more affordable, it’s possible to switch hairstyles every month (or every week if you dare!) You can become a brand new woman as often as you like. Switch up the style, color, length, texture, etc. Transcend your look with a natural lace frontal or closure, cut it into a cute style, or wear it all-naturally curly. We’ll give you a handful of solid choices to inspire your next hairdo…  because who wants to look through 50 different styles?

All bundles suggested can be purchased on HairByShayyPatrese.com. Get your bundles now and pay in four easy payments. And if you’re looking for a stylist to lay your lace? Book us today!

1. Lace Frontal Quick Weave

Lace Frontal Quick Weave styles from HairByShayyPatrese


This style is giving life! What lace? This lace frontal quick weave covers ear-to-ear, so you can part it any way you want. The model shown is parted from the side. She is draped in luxurious long Brazilian human hair. Straight or Bodywave bundles can achieve this scrumptious look! Our stylist added custom color, we encourage you to try it. Also, baby hairs can be added optionally since the lace is invisible. This style costs between $200-250. Luckily, you can get the lace frontal and bundles from us. Plus you can break the purchase into four smaller payments really easily!

2. Lace Closure Quick Weave

Lace Closure Quick Weave slayed at HairByShayyPatrese


Adding an HD lace closure to your quick weave helps it blend naturally and the appearance near your edges looks like it’s your real hair. This style helps protect your natural hair plus it’ll give the appearance of your real hair. You can choose to add baby hairs to accentuate the look. The best hair we recommend using for this style is straight or Bodywave Brazilian bundles and of course the lace closure. This style ranges from $160-$200.

3. Basic Quick Weave

Basic Quick Weave style from HairByShayyPatrese


Just because it’s called a basic style, it won’t limit the heads that will turn in awe of your beautiful hairdo! This style features a leave out to cover the tracks. Your real hair blends seamlessly with straight or Bodywave bundles. For added oomph, try cutting the hair in layers to give volume. This hairstyle can cost between $120-$150.

4. Asymmetrical Bob Quick Weave

Asymmetrical Bob Quick Weave styled at HairByShayyPatrese

Here’s another bob hairstyle but asymmetrically cut, meaning the back is shorter while the front extends longer. It’s typically trimmed into a diagonal length to give that short and long look. It can be layered and/or curled. We recommend a cute side part, when a portion is laying in over your eye, that selfie will be fye! We recommend using Model Model Dreamweaver Remi hair which can be found in your local beauty supply store. This hairstyle is inexpensive and can be done for $85-100.

5. Blunt Cut Quick Weave

Blunt Cut Quick Weave styles by HairByShayyPatrese


This blunt cut is such a cute quick weave hairstyle! It features a middle part with leave out of your real hair to cover the tracks. The bob is sheered straight all the way around and typically shoulder length. We recommend using Model Model Dreamweaver Remi hair which can be found in your local beauty supply store. This affordable hairstyle costs $60-$85.

We hope we’ve inspired you to try these top hairstyles at your next salon visit or even if you’re doing it yourself at home. These styles allow you to quickly and inexpensively change up your look as often as you like. If you’re interested in any of these quick weave styles, book an appointment with us today!